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2016 - "Building Support for the Road Ahead"

2015 - "Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) - Early diagnosis can save lives."

2014 - "It's a multiple's choice: encourage twins, triplets and more to make individual decisions"

Community Celebration Planner
Media Release
MBC Fact Sheet - Encouraging Individuality
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2013- "You're not alone - Canada's multiple-birth community is here to support you"
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MBC Background
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2012 - "Multiple-birth educational resources and peer to peer support - TOGETHER we can make a difference"
NMBAD - Making a Difference
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2011 - "Prenatal education and professional support must reflect the unigue needs of Canada's multiple-birth community"
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2011 Awareness Day Q&A
2011 Survey Results
2011 Survey Results Media Release

2010 - "Canada's EI Parental Leave must reflect the needs of multiple-birth infants"
Speech from Parliament Hill Rally
Local Action Plan
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MBC's letter to Diane Finley
Parental Leave Policies in other Countries

2009 - "Classroom Placements of Multiples - together or not"
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Notice to School Boards
MBC letter of support regarding recommendations for classroom placement - English
Letter of Support - French
Multiple Births Canada Fact Sheet - Multiples in School: Parent Tips
Multiple Births Canada Fact Sheet - Multiples in School: Parent Tips - French
Multiple Births Canada Fact Sheet - Multiples in School: Educators
Multiple Births Canada Fact Sheet - Multiples in School: Educators - French


2014 - November 16 – 22 is International Multiple Births Awareness Week (IMBAW). The theme for this year is "Encouraging our Multiples to Shine as Individuals".  The focus of this week is to encourage our multiples to become strong independent individuals, whilst maintaining their unique multiple bond. It can be a challenge to develop the individualisation within the strong multiple bond that exists. As parents and caregivers we believe we have a responsibility to assist our multiple birth children to develop the ability to make decisions independently of their co-multiples.

ICOMBO has been very fortunate to have articles written by Dr Nancy Segal and Dr Joan Friedman, an article about individuality in twinship written by adult male twins and an article from a mother of twins about her twin daughters choosing different schools. We are grateful for the opportunity to promote a factsheet on individuality, produced by Multiple Births Canada.

The following are supporting documents for the 2014 International Multiple Births Awareness Week:

For more information about IMBAW 2014 visit the ICOMBO website


2012 - "School Placement of Multipes - Separation or Not?"
Letter to Schools
Fact Sheet -  Multiples in School: A Guide for Educators
Fact Sheet - Multipes a l`école: Un Guide pour les éducateurs
Fact Sheet - Multiples in School: Parent Tips
Fact Sheet - Multiples a l'école: Counseils pour parents  
Letter from ICOMBO
Media Release
Background Information
Letter to Parents
Letter to Educators
Letter from Nancy Segal
Support letter - Pat Preedy

For further details on International Multiple Births Awareness week please visit or the Facebook page   .


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