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Multiple Births Canada receives many inquiries from the media. For the most up to date information, please refer to this section of the website. If you require further information, clarification on the statistics discussed or would like to set up an interview, please call the Business Office at 1-866-228-8824 or email


In the News

2013 National Multiple Births Awareness Day Media Release - May 2013
Twins: Cesarean no safer than vaginal delivery - Twin Birth Study, February 11, 2013
Charitable Status Media Release - November 2012
2012 National Multiple Births Awareness Day Media Release –May 2012
2011 National Multiple Births Awareness Day Media Release - English – May 2011
2011 National Multiple Births Awareness Day Media Release - French – May 2011
2010 National Multiple Births Awareness Day Media Release – May 2010
2009 Annual National Multiple Births Awareness Day - May 2009

EI Parental Leave for Multiple-Birth Families

MBC disappointed with Canada's Supreme Court decision to dismiss Christian Martin's appeal for second parental leave for twins
Bill C-464 defeated - March 27, 2013
Bill C-464 Urgent Message from Multiple Births Canada (Audio)
E-News message from Multiple Births Canada - March 24, 2013
EI Parental Leave: MBC Position Papers - Letter to your Member of Parliament in Support of Bill C-464 - March 8, 2013
EI Parental Leace: MBC Postion Papers - Francais - March 8, 2013
MBC disagrees with Federal Court of Appeal Decision - Media Release Jan 24, 2013
Opinion: Why parents of multiple newborns deserve longer parental leave - Globe and Mail Editorial, Jan 25, 2013
Opinion: The great Canadian twins debate - Twintrospectives blog  Jan 24, 2013 
Parents of twins take benefits appeal to top court- CBC News Jan 24, 2013
Parents of twins take fight for benefits to Supreme Court - Globe and Mail, Jan 24, 2013
Federal Court rejects Ottawa man's claim for double EI benefits after having twins - The Calgary Herald, Jan 24, 2013
Pétition a la Chambre des communs - Équité pour les parents de jumeaux
Petition to the House of Commons - Equality for parents of twins December 2012
NDP MP urges more leave for parents of multiple births - Sana Hassainia tables private member's bill -  November 7, 2012
NDP bill seeks to double EI for parents of multiples - Postmedia News November 6, 2012
NDP tables bill to help families in the case of multiple births or adoptions - Nov 7, 2012
Le NPD DÉPOSE UN PROJET DE LOI (francais) - Nov 7, 2012
A step in the right direction - MBC applauds Private Member's Bill - Nov 7, 2012
Umpire Ruling Ignores Intent of Canada’s Parental Leave Benefits – June 16, 2011
Martin Response – A Disregard of Multiple Birth Parents and their Children - June 14 2011
Umpire Decision on Martin Case – May 31, 2011
MBC Disappointed by the Canada Employment Insurance Commission - September 2009
MBC Applauds Employment Insurance Board of Referees Decision - September 2009
A Detailed Look at Parental Leave - Centre for Economic Policy Research - September 2008
Opinion Editorial on EI Benefits for Multiple-Birth Families - January 14, 2011

Why do parents of multiples need additional support?
Fact Sheet: The Challenges of Parenting Twins and Higher Order Multiples - MBC 2011

The incidence of multiple births in Canada
Fact Sheet:  Multiple-Birth Facts and Figures - MBC 2011


Other Areas of Interest

The Relationship Survey Summarized Results - March 2008 - administered by MBC's Health & Education committee - published September 2009
The Relationship Survey Analytical Report - March 2008 - Published September 2009
Policy Statement on Multiples and the Media - from MOST - July 2009  
Public service announcements (PSA) (mp3 download file)
Latest News from MBC - Email Information Circulars
Report From National newsletters
National Multiple Births Awareness Day is May 28th

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