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May 28, 2016 is National Multiple Births Awareness Day. This year the goal is to increase the support Multiple Births Canada provides and increase the support that we receive. MBC's NMBAD theme will be carried throughout the year and guide the goals and the work MBC completes.

MBC wants to increase the number of families receiving support, information and resources from the existing Support Networks, the online resources and the Affiliate Chapters. This goal will involve working with the Chapters to be sure every member of MBC is aware of the national Networks, Facebook pages, and resources. MBC has also launched a new Support Network for Pospartum Depression and Anxiety in the hopes that MBC can offer support and awareness to a very vulnerable segment of our families. Another recent addition is the new FB group for the existing MBC Loss Support Network to allow members to share their stories with others from across the country.

MBC is opening more lines of communication with the Affiliate Chapters and Chapter Executives allowing them to communicate on a variety of fronts and share best practices across the country.

This year's Retreat and AGM will be the perfect place to continue to support the Affiliate Chapters and strengthen their shared bond with each other. The Durham Parents of Multiples are working hard to provide excellent speakers and workshops around the theme of Reconnect, Reenergize, Reignite, Remember. MBC hopes each of our chapters is able to send representation to this exciting event in September. MBC is actively involved in helping to plan this event, and will plan on sharing some excellent ideas and stories with the volunteers and members from the chapters across the country. See below for more information.

To increase the support that MBC receives, there will be a membership drive to reach those families that live in an area that does not have a Chapter, as well as members who have outgrown their Chapters but would still like to support the work of MBC. A substantial portion of the financial support MBC relies on comes from the minimal membership fees, and in an aim to increase this financial support and in turn to continue to support families, this drive will coincide with NMBAD events. MBC will be sending out targeted emails to expired members and advertising membership opportunities and benefits on a variety of mediums to reach as many families as possible.

MBC is also looking for corporate sponsorship and advertising. MBC will be actively pursuing new corporate and advertising partnerships with many organizations whose target demographic is MBC member families so that mutual benefits and opportunities can be established.

A major initiative for the 2016 NMBAD is a fundraising drive being run jointly by MBC and the Affiliate Chapters. Through Ford Canada and their Drive 4 UR Community Campaign, MBC and the chapters will have events at various locations across the country that will allow multiples and their families and friends, and the general public as well to come out, drive a Ford and support MBC and the Chapters at the same time. MBC will be sharing the funds raised with the chapters and this will allow MBC to strengthen the presence in local communities, continue the ongoing work being done in research and information sharing, and support chapters in reaching the families in their areas who need them. At the same time MBC will actively run a donation drive to reach the people and organizations out there that will support MBC because they know and love a family with twins, triplets, or more.

Whether you are looking for support or looking to give back, MBC is here for you!

Multiple Births Canada is built on a foundation of support. MBC's vision is to support Canadian multiple birth children and their families. In order to continue to offer that support in the most effective way possible moving forward, MBC must constantly make sure that the foundations are strong. That is why the 2016 National Multiple Births Awareness Day Theme is Building Support for the Road Ahead. Please join MBC on May 28th and raise awareness to support MBC and Canadian multiples and their families!

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