National Multiple Births Awareness Day 2017


Multiple Births Canada (MBC) announces the theme for National Multiple Births Awareness Day 2017 (May 28th) is: Postpartum Emotional Support and Wellness for Multiple Births Families.
This year Multiple Births Canada will bring awareness of the increased risk for new mothers of multiples to experience postpartum depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.
It is important to Multiple Births Canada to ensure every new parent of multiples is aware of the signs and symptoms of Postpartum Depression and the many ways they can reach out for support. Given the high rate of multiple birth families who suffer from PPD/A, the Board of Directors decided to bring this into the open and give a voice to those who are suffering.
This month, Multiple Births Canada will be sharing important tips, messages and real life stories from Canadian parents who have experienced forms of PPMD and related mental health conditions following the arrival of their multiple births babies. This National Multiple Births Awareness Day is a day to reflect on some of the lesser spoken experiences of having multiple births babies and is an opportunity to ensure parents feel comfortable reaching out if they need help.
For more information please see our fact sheet or media release.
For support, please contact or join our PPD/A Support group.

Personal Stories

Media Release

Fact Sheet - Postpartum Depression and Anxiety / French
Fact Sheet - Tips to Promote Postpartum Wellness

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