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Multiple Births Canada offers a range of practical support resources for Professionals working with multiple-birth families. From sound advice and tips to information about the biology of multiples, we can provide print and electronic publications on just about any subject that may come up. Raising more than one child at a time can offer some unique challenges and the best way for families to deal with them is to be informed and to know where to seek support. By working together, Multiple Births Canada and the professionals working with multiple-birth families can help provide the information and routing to support networks as necessary. Multiple Births Canada has developed a Professionals' Support Kit - review our Publications section.

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You can find professional resources throughout the following areas of this website:

Outside Conferences & Seminars:
The International Congress on Twin Studies (ICTS), initiated in 1974, is a biennial conference of the International Society for Twin Studies now offered every two years. The most recent conference was in April 2012 in Florence Italy. 
The ICTS will appeal to anyone who is interested in the broad field of research on multiple births and families including genetic epidemiology, psychology, psychiatric and behavioral genetics, endocrinology, obstetrics, pediatrics, ophthalmology, and much more. Website:

The International Council of Multiple Birth Organizations (ICOMBO) is an organization of delegates from national organizations supporting families of multiples world-wide. Through ICOMBO, multiple birth organizations can share resources.  ICOMBO also conducts and promotes research about multiple birth families. In 2012, they hosted a conference as part of the International Congress on Twin Studies. Website:

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