Fact Sheets

Pregnancy, & Prenatal - for Parents & Professionals

  • Bedrest -  Tips and Hints for spending time while on Bedrest-It doesn't have to be boring
  • Development in Utero - Development comparison for twins as compared to singleton babies in utero
  • Expectant Mom Tips - What can we expect as we all try to get on a schedule? Being prepared is half the battle-Check out this Fact Sheet for some easy tips
  • Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction - It isn't easy to decide whether or not to reduce one or more fetuses. It's a lonely decision. This Fact Sheet gives you some suggestions to think about if you have to contemplate this procedure.
  • Monochorionic Multiple Pregnancy and Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome - revised October 2011 - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - Families expecting monozygotic babies, including within triplets or more, need to be aware of this possible life-threatening syndrome which can affect the babies beginning at about 8 weeks gestation. What is it? What do we do about it? This Fact Sheet provides some answers and more
  • Nutrition Guidelines for Multiple Pregnancy - Recommended nutrition and weight gain for mothers of multiples, to give your babies the best start. - New Sept 2014
  • Possible Risks: Part 1 Risks for the Mother - New October 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  • Possible Risks: Part 2 Risks to the Children - New October 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  • Possible Risks: Part 3 Reducing the Risks - New October 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  • Signs and Symptoms of Preterm Labour DOWNLOAD FOR FREE  (English & French available) - Both Mom and Dad need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of premature labour. Recognizing those signs and acting quickly on them can have a huge impact on your babies
  • What to Bring to the Hospital: Ideas for the whole family! - Can I bring my own pillow? PJs and housecoat? What do the babies need? Don't be caught unprepared
  • You're Having Multiples! - Read all about the good news of having multiples. A terrific introduction to what to expect
  • Biology of Multiples - revised October 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - OK, so we are expecting multiples. How did that happen? How can I learn more? Find answers with this informative Fact Sheet
  • Challenges of Parenting Multiples - Part 1 Couple Relationships - New October 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  • Challenges of Parenting Multiples - Part 2 Twins & High Order Multiples - New October 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
Pregnancy and Prenatal

Breastfeeding - for Parents & Professionals

  • Breastfeeding Multiples - 11 Tips for Breastfeeding Your Multiples DOWNLOAD FOR FREE  (English & French available) - Simple and direct, 11 easy steps for breastfeeding - english revised 2015
  • Breastfeeding Multiples and Fathers/Partners - Helping with the breastfeeding experience-You can make a difference
  • Breastfeeding Premature Multiples - I really want to breastfeed my babies even if they are premature.  How do I go about making sure that they get the breast milk they need to grow and thrive?  Very important information for parents wishing to breastfeed their premature infants.
  • Breastfeeding Multiples - Pumping Tips - revised March 2011 (English & French available) - Pumping isn't always easy but this Fact Sheet offers solutions
  • Breastfeeding Multiples - Storing Breast Milk - revised March 2011 - Learn how to collect and store your valuable breast milk
  • Breastfeeding Multiples - Transporting Breast Milk to the NICU - revised March 2011 - It is important to know the correct way to collect your valuable breast milk and hygenically transport it to hospital for your babies' use. This Fact Sheet makes is easier
  • Breastfeeding Multiples - Are my babies getting enough breast milk? (English & French available) - Whether or not they are getting enough milk is difficult to judge but this Fact Sheet makes knowing simple - english revised September 2013
  • Breastfeeding & Thrush - If one or more babies has sores in their mouth, "clicks" during nursing and an "incurable" diaper rash, thrush might be the problem.  Learn more about this highly contagious and painful situation and how to rectify it
  • Bottle Feeding - Families may choose to bottle feed with expressed breast milk and/or formula in addition to or in place of breastfeeding. Here are suggestions for connecting during feeding time, preparing bottles, and how to bottle feed your babies. - New September 2013
  • Weaning Multiples - Weaning two or more toddlers can be a challenge as they possibly compete with each other.  If it is time to consider weaning, learn the hows of encouraging them to become independent


Preterm Birth

Infancy & Postnatal - for Parents & Professionals

  • Dad's & Partner's Role - Hints and tips for the other important parent
  • First Few Weeks -  DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - How to get started in those first few weeks without feeling too overwhelmed
  • Preterm and Low Birth Weight (for parents) (English & French available) - An information guide for parents. Learn why preterm birth and/or low birth weight can be a problem and what you can do to reduce the risks.
  • Occipital Plagiocephaly of Positional Origin - Multiple-birth babies can be born with occipital plagiocephaly or get it after birth. Learn to identify this situation, some preventive steps you can take and understand why prompt professional assistance may be essential
  • Postpartum Depression and Mothers of Multiples / French DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - PPD is a disease, is curable and affects everyone in the family.  Find out about the signs and symptoms and how to treat it
  • Tips to Promote Postpartum Wellness
  • Safety Tips for Parents of Multiples - One toddler can be a challenge to watch and keep safe but two or more add unique challenges. One child has the idea and two or more can carry out the task that a singleton could not. Learn how to safety-proof your home and help keep your children safe. Everything on this Fact Sheet happened to parents with multiples
  • Singleton Siblings of Multiples - Singleton siblings born before or after multiples can have a difficult time dealing with the new arrivals and the attention they attract. Learn how to help your other child(ren) adapt to their new siblings
Infancy and Postnatal

Growing - for Parents & Professionals

  • Toilet Training - Can be a huge challenge for parents of multiples. Hints and tips written by multiple-birth parents for multiple-birth parents so that this period can be a peaceful transition for all
  • Multiples in School : Parent  Tips
  • Multiples à l'école : Conseils pour parents
  • Multiples in School: A Guide for Educators
  • Multiples à l'école : Un guide pour les éducateurs
  • Speech and Language Development for Children of Multiple Births - Multiples are more likely to have speech delays than singleton children. Learn how you can support your children's speech and language development, from 6 months to 5 years old.
  • Encouraging Individuality - Suggestions and Resources to Encouraging Individuality in Multiple-Birth Children - New May 2014 - Download Free
Growing Up

Bereavement - for Parents & Professionals

  • Grief - How Can I Help? - Information for family and friends wanting to support you in your time of grief - revised January 2018
  • Grieving Grandparents - These important family members are also grieving and their grief is often overlooked-Learn how to support them too - revised September 2013
  • Holidays and Grief - Each holiday, anniversary and special day is extremely painful. This Fact Sheet offers ideas for getting through these difficult times - revised September 2013
  • How Can I Help Myself? - Dealing with Grief - Sometimes grieving parents forget the obvious such as eating well and generally looking after themselves while grieving. This Fact Sheet offers suggestions for avoiding illness and looking after yourself at this difficult time. - revised January 2018
  • Loss and Grief: Statement of Rights - Bereaved parents and their deceased infants need to be treated with dignity and respect by family, friends and healthcare professionals alike. - revised January 2018
  • Loss of One, More or All Babies (English & French available) - There is nothing fair about losing one or more babies and some losses such as miscarriage may not bring sympathy from families or friends. Learn how to say what you need. - revised English January 2018
  • Loss Support Organizations - To find appropriate grief organizations in your community or on the Net, check out this list
  • Loss Reading List - Suggested bereavement support readings for parents, grandparents, and surviving co-multiples
  • Memorial Ideas... - revised September 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - If you would like to learn what other bereaved multiple-birth families have done to honour the memories of their baby(ies), this Fact Sheet has unique and special suggestions for you
  • Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction - revised May 2017 - It isn't easy to decide whether or not to reduce one or more fetuses. It's a lonely decision. This Fact Sheet gives you some suggestions to think about if you have to contemplate this procedure
  • Pregnancy After Loss - This timely topic is addressed by Ann Douglas, prolific Canadian writer, and Lynda P. Haddon, Multiple Birth Educator. Learn how to know when both of you are ready to begin trying again to get pregnant
  • Suggestions for Widows/Widowers - Your spouse has died when the children still need them. Where do I turn for support? How will we get through? Answers to these questions and more.
  • Talking with Your Children About Death - It isn't easy to explain about Death to young children. It is important to tell the truth, but how? With what words? Will they be afraid they themselves will die? How can I make them feel safe? Answers to these questions and more.
  • Vanishing Twin Syndrome - First we are having triplets (or twins) and now we are not! What happened and why? This type of loss is downplayed by others but our hopes and dreams are shattered. What about my remaining baby(ies)? Learn about Vanishing Twin and how to cope
  • When a Multiple Birth Parent Dies - Dealing with the loss of a parent at birth or shortly thereafter can be so overwhelming. Will the pain never stop? How will I deal with all of these babies alone? Suggestions for coping with this terrible loss

Lone Parenting

  • Assisting Your Children in Handling Separation & Divorce (English & French available) - Separation and divorce are difficult at the best of times. Learn how to help your children adjust to your break-up
  • Military Spouses - Perhaps one of the more difficult forms of lone parenting - just when you start to accept raising your children on your own, your partner returns home. Learn how to ease the turmoil with tips on keeping routines and being prepared for the unexpected
  • Lone Parenting of Multiples - Giving each child the one-on-one time they need; extracurricular activities; school interviews; me time. Lone parenting is never easy. This Fact Sheet covers many of the challenges of going it alone
  • Lone Parents Reading List - There are some great lone parenting books available - read them all!
  • Lone Parent Resources - What's available to help me be the best parent I can be? Check it out!
Lone Parenting

Special Needs

  • Special Needs Financial Resources - Valuable resources are listed for each Province and Territory for families with special needs multiples
  • Health Concerns and Resources - Information on Dyslexia, Cri du Chat, Dystonia, Down's Syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome, Cleft lip/palate, Spina Bifida
  • Special Needs: Cerebral Palsy - A possible side effect of extreme prematurity, check out this Fact Sheet for more detailed information
Special Needs

General Interest - for Parents & Professionals

  • Biology of Multiples - revised October 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - OK, so we are expecting multiples. How did that happen? How can I learn more? Find answers with this informative Fact Sheet
  • Challenges of Parenting Multiples - Part 1 Couple Relationships - New October 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  • Challenges of Parenting Multiples - Part 2 Twins & High Order Multiples - New October 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  • Declaration of Rights, Statement of Needs of Twins & Higher Order Multiples - The Declaration was updated and approved in June 2010 at the ICTS Congress in Seoul: Declaration_revised in Seoul June 2010 at ICTS - The International Society for Twins Studies (ISTS), put together this Statement of Rights and Needs for multiple birth families worldwide. Multiple Births Canada was a part of the creative process. This Declaration clearly sets out the rights and needs of multiple birth families required to help their children be the best they can be
  • Multiple Birth Facts & Figures - revised September 2011 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - This Fact Sheet lists fascinating background details regarding multiple births
  • Multiple Birth Terminology - Say what? Words and their definitions regarding multiple births. A quick review takes the mystery out of those medical words
  • Zygosity Testing  - New September 2014 - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - I am sure our children are monozygotic. How can I know for sure? Get answers to your questions about your monozygotic and dizygotic children
General Interest


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