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START (Susceptibility To Food Allergy in a Registry of Twins)
McGill University Health Centre researchers seek participants for a twin study in food allergy.  We are now initiating a new twin study that will look at the genetic and environmental causes of food allergies. Twins provide an invaluable model for genetic studies, allowing the separation of genetic from demographic and environmental factors. Interested families with twins where at least one twin has a food allergy are welcome to participate. This information will help the research team learn more about the diagnosis, impact and management of food allergies.  Click Here for more information.

Our study proposes to compare caregivers’ reports of sleep behaviors for Canadian children who are healthy and Canadian children diagnosed with cerebral palsy. We will also compare caregivers’ reports of sleep behaviors for Canadian and Brazilian children who are healthy and who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  We are exploring children’s sleep behavior in these two groups so that we can better understand parents’ experiences of children’s sleep and determine similarities and differences between samples of parents and children in two countries. More effective interventions may be developed from our findings to assist parents to help children develop healthy sleep patterns.
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