NMBAD Jaylyn’s Story


Our first story comes from Jaylyn. Jaylyn discovers that she had many risk factors for PPD before she even had her babies. Link to story.

Posted by Lori Oldfield on May 23, 2017

2017 Multiple Births Awareness Day



In this week before National Multiple Births Awareness Day, we would like to share some stories written by brave moms within our membership.  As you may know this year the focus is on the higher risk for families with multiples to experience Postpartum Depression and/or Anxiety. These moms have taken the time to write about their experiences with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety as well as other situations that made their PPD/A even harder to heal. These stories aren’t always easy to read, they are real and hold nothing back.  When asked to share their stories, these women responded with their hearts and souls in order to help others going through similar circumstances. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website www.multiplemoments.ca all this week for the release of each new story.


Posted by Lori Oldfield on May 23, 2017

2017 MBC Volunteer Retreat & AGM


Hosted by the MBC Board of Directors with help from various chapters across the country. From October 19- 22, 2017 at the beautiful Pinestone Resort near Halliburton, Ontario. www.pinestone-resort.com 

The cost, theme and content are still being worked on. Stay tuned for more details!! 


Posted by Elaine Mayea on May 06, 2017

National Multiple Births Awareness Day


Multiple Births Awareness Day, on May 28th will create awareness of the high risk to suffer from postpartum depression, anxiety and other mood disorders for multiple births moms and families,. The theme is "Postpartum Emotional Support and Wellness for Multiple Births Families".

Posted by Elaine Mayea on May 06, 2017

MBC Interim Board Meeting 2017


The Board of Directors had a very succsessful Interim meeting at Pinestone Resort & Conference Centre.  Plans are well underway for our AGM & Retreat for the fall.  Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Posted by Elaine Mayea on May 06, 2017

AGM Proxy, Financials and Annual Report

Annual report picture for enews

Members of Multiple Births Canada/Naissances multiples Canada are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting of the Corporation will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Ajax, ON on Saturday October 1st , 2016 at 10:00 am EDT. If you are unable to attend, you can assign someone else to vote on the business of the AGM on your behalf. Please complete this online form, or print the form here and send to the office or give the signed form to a member of your chapter who is attending the Conference and AGM. If no one from your chapter is attending, or you are a direct member you can assign a member of the Board of Directors or any other MBC member who is attending to vote on your behalf. Please note your membership with MBC must be up to date to vote at the AGM, either in person or by proxy.

Note: forms sent to the MBC Office by mail must be received prior to seventy-two (72) hours before the AGM. Any votes received by mail ballot after this time shall not be counted for the purposes of the meeting. (Please send an email to the office indicating that the proxies have been forwarded).

Please note: The annual financial statements are available at the registered office of the Corporation and any member may, on request, obtain a copy free of charge at the registered office or by prepaid mail. The financial statements will also be posted in the Member Section of the MBC website 21 days prior to the AGM.

The Annual Report is also available.

The Draft minutes from the 2015 AGM are available here 

The Chairperson of the Board (Heather McAuley) must receive all motions for advance posting for member consideration no later than Friday September 23rd, 2016

Posted by Lori Oldfield on August 19, 2016

AGM & Retreat

Mbc conference 2016

The 2016 AGM & Conference is being held this year in Durham, Ontario from September 30 to October 2. MBC and DPOM are working hard together to finalize details. There are lots of fun events planned including a creative paint night, and an excursion to a hysterical night at Yuk Yuk's. Please make sure to get your chapters members registered and your hotel rooms booked. For the most up to date information on the AGM and Retreat, please join our group on Facebook!


Posted by Lori Oldfield on August 19, 2016

Making A Difference Awards

Mada ad 2

Multiple Births Canada has always known that it is our volunteers who are at the core of the support MBC offers. Do you know someone who volunteers in the Multiple Births Community and Makes a Difference? Now is your time to acknowledge their passion, their dedication, and their excellence in all that they do and nominate them for a Making A Difference Award handed out annually at the Conference and AGM. MBC could not fulfill its mission of improving the quality of life of Canadian multiple birth individuals and their families without our volunteers. Whether it is someone who is a stellar local volunteer, an organization that has gone over and above to support MBC's mission, or a media person who helps your chapter to highlight your supports and services, we want to hear from you! Nominations for the 2016 MADAs are now open, simply go here to fill out our online nomination form. See below for a new exciting award category.
A few words from one of MBC's past winners on what being acknowledged meant to her - "The only experience better than raising my own twins and their older sister has been the extraordinary joy in helping so many others for so many years. I am grateful for the recognition of this devotion." Lynda P. Haddon, 2012 National MADA Winner.
MBC is always looking for new award committee members. If you would be interested in reading over the nominations and helping to choose the winners, please contact mada@multiplebirthscanada.org

MADA Chapter Award!

MBC is pleased to announce the creation of the newest category in the Making a Difference Awards - Chapter Award. MBC invites affiliate chapters to nominate themselves and share with other chapters across the Country something you've done that is innovative and you're proud of. This is where you can toot your own horn and brag about your chapters accomplishments.
The award will go to chapters that have displayed outstanding dedication or have been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of significance to their local multiple births community. Multiple awards may be given based on the size of the chapter membership. Chapters are encouraged to self-nominate by submitting a short write up about a project or event that positively impacted their community, from the link on the MADA page

Posted by Lori Oldfield on May 12, 2016

Volunteers Needed

Dsc 4355 - color

Are you looking for a new opportunity to use your skills? Do you have a certain expertise you
feel would be helpful to Multiple Births Canada? Do you have some time to commit?

Multiple Births Canada is looking for people to volunteer their skills to support its annual
goals. MBC is seeking people with any of the following skills or interests:

Graphic design
Co-chairs for our support networks
Event planning
Media relations
Grant writing/applications
MADA Committee
Social services

To express your interest, please email your name, contact information and skills you’d like to

offer. Email: office@multiplebirthscanada.org
MBC looks forward to hearing from you!

Posted by Lori Oldfield on May 05, 2016

Multiple Births Canada Support Networks

You are not alone graphic1

You are not Alone. Multiple Births Canada strives to offer support to parents and caregivers with unique and sometimes troubling situations. To that end, MBC has created several networks that are intended to provide networking opportunities, resources and supports for families in these unique circumstances. In past years, MBC has introduced new networks to meet the diverse needs of Canada's multiple-birth families. Recently MBC has launched two new Facebook groups to support even more people seeking help, advice and some days just a friendly message on the computer screen. Below you will find descriptions of MBC's two new Facebook Groups, along with the links to all of MBC's existing groups and the link to the Support Page on MBC's website so you can learn more about our networks. If you are not on Facebook, please email support@multiplebirthscanada.org with questions regarding finding support in other ways.
Multiple Births Canada Support Networks


Posted by Lori Oldfield on February 22, 2016

Loss Support Network Facebook Group

Loss image1

The MBC- Loss Support Network group is for families who have experienced the loss of one, more or all multiple-birth children at any stage of pregnancy, birth or any time after. The group is also open to Grandparents and Surviving Co-Multiples


Posted by Lori Oldfield on February 22, 2016

Postpartum Depression/Anxiety Support Network Facebook Group

Ppd anxiety picture21

The Postpartum Depression/Anxiety Support Network is for families of multiples who are experiencing symptoms of PPD, PPA and “Baby Blues” to seek support and understanding from others who know what you are going through. Symptoms include • crying for no apparent reason • chronic fatigue or hypersomnia • loss of appetite • feeling overwhelmed and hopeless • doubt or guilt • compulsive over the babies’ care • ignoring the babies’ care • feeling worthless, unable to cope • anxiety attacks • inability to concentrate, indecisiveness • in the extreme, thoughts of suicide. If a mother or father of multiples is experiencing such symptoms, don’t dismiss them as being part of the extra workload due to having multiples. The more of these symptoms the parent is feeling, the more likely it is that they are suffering PPD. Consult a doctor immediately. Remember you are not alone.


Posted by Lori Oldfield on February 22, 2016



Why do you Volunteer?

This year please consider giving a gift to Multiple Births Canada on Giving Tuesday: http://bit.ly/1I7ahUf. Help support new and experienced parents of multiples with helpful resources and information!

I volunteer with my local chapter because it makes me happy! When I was pregnant, there were very few people locally who had triplets, and it was difficult to find support with a local perspective. When I was on maternity leave, I was alone a lot, with three babies, all day long. We started the chapter in here to give the support we lacked during our pregnancies and were craving during our respective maternity leaves. What started as a few play dates and executive meetings has developed into a not for profit organization, mom nights out, chapter events and fantastic friendships! Our children will grow up knowing other multiples and most of my best friends are MoMs! What's happening here is more than just surface relationships, it's lifelong friendships! - Stefanie


I enjoy being an "older volunteer/ member" as I like to share my experience with the younger mom's of the chapter., not just about volunteering but about raising children, enjoying every minute of their lives. Never wish for them to talk, walk, go to school, drive, etc because these milestones come too quickly. In a blink of an eye they go from crawling to university. I really enjoy the friendship of the ladies in our chapter & all the fun events we do together; P.J. party & Annual Women's Retreat, highly recommend them for all chapters - Mary


I want to make it bigger and better so that more people know about it. I love the sisterhood of having multiples - and now that my children are 13 they feel the same way - Susan


Joining the chapter has been a very important part of my life. The families I've met are wonderful & I've made lifelong friends. I've had a lot of grief & hardship lately, and their support is indescribable. I volunteer because I feel supported and cared for by my local chapter members & I hope to give the same feelings back to them & others. - Sarah


I give because I believe that is my purpose. I have talents and gifts that allow me to help. I am busy, but really try not to complain about it, because it is all my choice. I choose to volunteer, to plan, to lead and to help. I try and make everything I give my time and money, a bit better because I was there. - Heather

Posted by Lori Oldfield on December 01, 2015

2015 MBC Annual General Meeting

Conf 2012 pic 1

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of Multiple Births Canada will be held in Edmonton, AB on October, 2nd as part of this year’s Conference. Every member of MBC is entitled to a vote at this meeting. If you are unable to attend in person, but would still like you vote to count you can fill out the Proxy Electronic Form  or PDF Form and return it to our head office.  Everyone is also encouraged to read over the Year-end Financials and send any comments or question to mbcchair@multiplebirthscanada.org.

Posted by Lori Oldfield on September 11, 2015

Conference 2015

Conference logo 2015

2015 MBC Conference Live, Laugh, Learn.  It is only 3 weeks until the start of this year’s exciting Conference hosted by the Edmonton Twin and Triplet Club, in Edmonton, AB. If you have not registered, and are still planning to attend, please register as soon as possible. http://www.ettc.ca/2015-mbc-conference/registration/

Posted by Lori Oldfield on September 11, 2015

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Multiple Births Canada is a charitable organization (charity number 895390110 RR0001). Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by Canadian law.

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