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I’ve been back at school for almost a month now and the days are getting shorter and cooler.  Autumn is here and that means…MBC Retreat!  Yeeehaw!  Every year I look so forward to MBC Conference and this year it’s close to home.  No more eight-hour trips to get there, this time it’s a short two and half hour drive.  This is a luxury for me living so far up north.

Also, this year I’m on the Board of Directors of MBC so I’ve been involved in planning it.  It sure is a lot of work with many, many hours put in by the every member of the Board, but it’s also fun coming up with fun ideas for workshops.  My Chapter, Temiskaming Multiple Births has planned the Saturday night banquet, which is going to be a hoot.  Born to Be Wild is such a great theme, there are so many ways to interpret it.  I sure hope everyone likes what we’ve come up with.

The Canadian Ecology Centre is a fantastic location for the retreat.  I was lucky enough to have gone in May for a weekend long Board Meeting (yup, a meeting that lasted a whole weekend – a three day weekend to boot).  The CEC is set in the beautiful Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.  The Mattawa River flows through the park, lined with Red and White Pine trees and Sugar Maples which will be turning colour during the retreat.  There’s nothing I love more than a hike in the crisp fall air through a forest bursting with autumn colours.

The workshops are going to be phenomenal!  This Board of Directors are a smart, creative bunch.    I also want to hear what Cathy Barr has to say about incorporating.  Who knew that was important and that there were risks to not being incorporated?  I still don’t know what the risks are but I will after this weekend. 

Most of all I’m so happy to be seeing old friends and making some new ones.  There is nothing like talking to your people: The people who understand you and understand the challenges and joys of raising multiples.  MULTIPLES ROCK!  And so do their parents.

Posted by Site Admin on September 26, 2012

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