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Public Service Announcement (PSA)

In November 2012 one of our members from Windsor-Essex POMBA, Cathy Smith, volunteered to help MBC develop a 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) and to arrange for radio stations to broadcast it free of charge. This PSA is now being played in many cities across Canada.

Listen to the PSA

We would like to thank all the volunteers who put together this PSA and the following stations currently running it.








Posted by Lori Oldfield on February 20, 2013

Strategic Planning Survey

Survey picture

Posted Feb. 9, 2013

Strategic Planning: Stakeholder's Survey

Multiple Births Canada (MBC) Board of Directors and Acting Executive Director are developing a new 3-year Strategic Plan for 2013-2016 and would like your assistance with this process. We have put together a survey to guide us in knowing how we can help make the organization better and meet the needs of all of its members and supporters.

The survey should take 10-15 minutes depending on your level of involvement with MBC. Your thoughtful responses will not only help with the preparation of the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan, but also help with the running of the national organization and support services to multiple-birth families.

Note: that if you should be interrupted while completing the survey, it will remember where you were and you can continue later.

Survey - Multiple Births Canada Strategic Planning 2013 -2016

Many thanks to everyone taking the time to respond to the survey. Your feedback is valued and much needed to help us plan.

As a volunteer, member, parent of multiples, multiple or supporter of MBC, you will have your own unique needs and wishes - and we would like to hear them all! If you have any questions or concerns with the survey please contact Kim at office@multiplebirthscanada.org. 


Posted Dec. 19, 2012

Attention all MBC Members:
From December 19th to 21st we will be moving our website and email services to a new webserver provider. During this time period we hope there will be no noticeable interruptions in website or email services, but we do expect some delay in email response. Kim Weatherall, Acting Executive Director, is also taking this time to upgrade her computer. Please be patient with us over these transitions. We will respond to your questions and concerns as quickly as possible. If you need an urgent response, please contact us by phone:
Ottawa Local: 613-834-TWIN (8946)
Toll Free in Canada: 1-866-228-8824


Posted by Lori Oldfield on February 09, 2013

Contact Us

For a mailing address please email or call the Multiple Births Canada office.

Toll Free in Canada: 1-866-228-8824
Email: office@multiplebirthscanada.org

Multiple Births Canada is a charitable organization (charity number 895390110 RR0001). Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by Canadian law.

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