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MBC has a few urgently needed positions that we are looking for enthusiastic individuals interested in volunteering their time and skills to fill. 

Communications Coordinator or Director: MBC is looking for a volunteer that has excellent communication and writing skills to take on the role as Communications Coordinator. This volunteer will help to develop media releases, write pieces to be shared on the MBC website (Blog and page content), in Multiple Moments and in our E-Newsletter about MBC news, events and other information to be shared within MBC and to the public. The ideal candidate would be bilingual, however this is not a requirement should the volunteer have all the required skills and experience. This position has been a Board position in the past, but we are open to having this as a non-Board position.

Breastfeeding Support Volunteers: The Breastfeeding Support Network is one of MBC’s most active and used Networks. As Chair of this popular Support Network you would be responsible for responding to breastfeeding inquiries, writing quarterly articles for Multiple Moments, facilitating a social media forum for breastfeeding mothers and writing a monthly (or other time frame to be agreed upon) newsletter for the members of the Network.  We encourage the sharing of these different responsibilities between a number of volunteers (i.e. researching/writing articles, social media groups and direct support to parents could be 3 different roles and done by 3 or more volunteers). The ideal candidate(s) will have a health related background, an in-depth knowledge of breastfeeding and bottle feeding issues (for both mom and babies), experience with breastfeeding multiples, and experience providing direct support to individuals and families.

Secretary: The MBC Board is looking for a volunteer to take on the role of Secretary.  While this has been an Officer / Board position in the past, the Board is open to having a volunteer take on the secretary position without the full commitment of a Board position.  The Secretary will be responsible for taking (including recording and tracking motions), preparing, formatting and storage of minutes for monthly MBC Board meetings (held electronically through Skype or by conference call) and where possible be available to take minutes at the AGM (location dependent). The ideal candidate will have previous experience in a secretary position, experience taking minutes for a registered charity and an understanding of the work completed by MBC and/or its Chapters

We are still looking for the following Volunteers!

MBC Board Members – the MBC Board (an active hands-on Board) is looking for volunteers to step forward to take on a leadership role. The ideal candidate will have had experience volunteering at the Chapter level or will have significant experience with other organizations that can be carried over to MBC. 

Discount List Coordinator – we are looking to review, update and expand our current national discount list.  It is in urgent need of a volunteer (or team of volunteers) to help update this rather outdated list. 

Multiple Moments Editor – MBC is looking for a new MM Editor.  The Editor is responsible for the overall organization of the quarterly magazine: working with current contributors and volunteers, looking for articles, new writers and pictures for each issue. 

Publications Coordinator - helping to coordinate the current and future publications, and work with the Health and Education Committee to update and create new publications.

Publications Layout / Graphic Designers - MBC is currently looking at transferring all of the current publications over to new templates, and to new electronic formats. Future assistance will be needed in the development of other PR publications / media, in addition to assisting with other publications such as Multiple Moments and the Annual Report as needed. 

Writers / Editors / Review Team - Professionals in the area of health and education to write, edit and help to review new fact sheets for content and also for language/grammar.

Support Network Volunteers / Outreach Volunteers – a number of the Support Networks could use assistance with writing articles for or coordinating their newsletters, making connections through social media or being available to provide outreach to multiple-birth parents in specific areas. 

Chapter Development - Current / Past Chapter Executive Volunteers to assist with the development of resources to aid new and existing Chapters.

And people willing to take on one time tasks!

If you believe your skills and interests would match any of the positions listed please send an email outlining your interest to volunteers@multiplebirthscanada.org.  

There is always need for volunteers so if you believe you can help in any other way other than what’s listed here, please contact us with your ideas!

Posted by Lori Oldfield on June 06, 2013

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