Spot Light on Key Note Speakers - Jennifer De La Roca

A healthy love relationship involves: honest communication; managing conflict where a productive resolution results; feeling connected; and maintaining outside friendships and interests in order to have various sources to meet your needs instead of relying on your partner to satisfy all your needs.

However, every couple has their ups and downs. These difficult periods can manifest through stress and conflict resulting from: miscommunication, lack of trust, not finding things in common anymore, not having the connection or intimacy that was once present, or other issues. When we feel stress in a conflict or disagreement, it tends to cause difficulty in the following areas: accurately reading another person’s nonverbal communication, hearing what someone is really saying, being aware of your own feelings, being in touch with your deep-rooted needs, and communicating your needs clearly.

Once these obstacles are present, it can be challenging to communicate effectively. Fortunately we can learn ways to manage stress and deal with conflict.  Join Jennifer De La Roca MSW, RSW on the path to relationship rescue.  Learn ways to re-connect and re-charge your relationships, especially during times of stress.

For me details on Conference please see check the Simcoe County website.

Posted by Lori Oldfield on September 13, 2013

Spot Light on Key Note Speakers - Laird Crump


Does it feel sometimes like you don’t know how to get through to your child? 
That you can’t figure out what truly makes them tick? 
Ever wondered if it’s possible to truly show your child how much you love them and have them actually get it?

Laird Crump specializes in pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, temperament analysis vocational direction, life balance and psycho-educational coaching.  Laird has been an ordained minister in the GTA for 25 years and as a result is very sensitive to the various emotional, relational and spiritual needs of people. He has also been involved in leadership development and has been an adjunct seminary professor.  For the last number of years Laird has been on staff with Focus on the Family Canada as the Director of Family Ministry.  Laird and his wife Joey are going to speak to us about learning how to identify the varying needs of our children, and meet them.  Based on Gary Chapman’s New York Times Bestselling book The Five Love Languages, Laird will talk with us about what the five love languages are and how to identify each of your children’s love language.  He will show us how to best nurture them based on that love language and also how to best discipline them.  Laird and Joey have raised 4 children of their own and bring a special knowledge of the importance of recognizing the differences in our multiples in order to be the best parents we can be for them.

For more write ups, details and registration see the Simcoe County Parents of Multiples Conference 2013 Registration page.



Posted by Lori Oldfield on September 04, 2013

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