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Thank you to Multiple Births Canada Volunteers!

Multiple Births Canada is very thankful for the many volunteers we have across Canada supporting families at the local, national and international levels.  The following are just a few of the hundreds of volunteers who have kindly agreed to share their stories about why they volunteer.  Please take a few minutes to read their stories.  

Tania’s Story…

I volunteer as the chair person for LGBTQ parents of multiples because I believe our families have specific needs and our visibility is important. Being a queer parent of multiples is a complex identity and can be easily over shadowed by either identity. I have valued receiving support through our multiple network and feel that MBC is a great Canadian source of support for all complex families.

I also believe in financially supporting our Employment Insurance fight for equal rights and MBC is the place to get connected.
Tania mama of 4 year olds.

Note: For more information on how to be involved with the LGBTQ+ Support Network, email

Renée’s Story…

I give my time and energy to my local Chapter of MBC, because it gives me a sense of belonging to the community I live in.  Being a founder of the Chapter, there's nothing more rewarding than hearing "thanks for starting this group" from other members; knowing I am helping others go through a phase of their life with the kind of support I was craving, makes every minute worthwhile and gratifying.  

Renée Miron, Chair of Greater Sudbury Multiple Births Association (GSMBA).

Olga’s Story…

When I found that I was having twins, I wasn’t shocked, but was overwhelmed with the thought of how we will manage, because we already had one child at home. It was a relief to find out that there was a Multiple Birth Families Association in Ottawa (MBFA). We joined the Association as soon as the twins were born and started enjoying the benefits of the membership right away. The monthly Moms’ Night Out gatherings were life-saving events for me, because I felt like all people who I was talking to actually understood me and were giving me advice based on something they tried with their multiples, instead of something from the books. We started taking our newborn twins and an older brother to the events right away, because our oldest son was able to enjoy them before the twins could.

When the twins were 3 months old, I decided that I would like to join the Board of Directors. My motivation was that I wanted to meet other new families with multiples and help run MBFA with my ideas and experience. Since joining the Board I have held positions of Member Services Director and President. As the Member Services Director I organize New Member’s Meet and Greet events, coordinate the Moms’ Night Outs and offer discounts to MBFA members. I also oversee our Prenatal Classes, which have been growing in popularity lately.
I volunteer because I really enjoy it and because I want to be able to give something back to other people with multiples. I think the most important thing we can give our new members is to show them that they are not alone in their journey and that we are there to help, even if it is just with words and advice.

Olga, Board Member for Multiple Birth Families Association (MBFA)

Posted by Lori Oldfield on December 01, 2013

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