National Multiple Births Awareness Day 2014

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WONDERLAND AND PICNIC - hosted by Twins Plus Association of Brampton

Put on your most comfy walking shoes, gather your whole family and all your friends and come join us on Saturday May 31st as we celebrate Multiples Births Awareness Day 2014! This has become an annual event for TPAB and we have decided to continue to celebrate with our wonderful Multiples community again! Don’t miss this great opportunity for your family to meet other multiple-births families from across Southern Ontario and maybe even some from further out! Join us for a fun and thrill packed day at Canada's premier amusement park – Canada's Wonderland! 

The theme this year - "It's a multiple's choice: encourage twins, triplets and more to make individual decisions" is a thought or phrase that we encourage all caregivers, teachers, social and medical professionals, friends, immediate and extended family to reflect on and implement in the lives of multiple births families. It also is a reminder to everybody in general to consider how they view and treat multiples, making it possible to allow young multiples to grow into strong, independent adults. These young multiples are encouraged to make their own decisions in their everyday lives that may be the same or different from their twin, triplet, quad or quint sibling! 

In the multiple births community – we stand together in wanting our children to be successful individuals and encourage all our family and friends to reflect on this year’s NMBAD theme. By sharing our experiences and meeting locally and even when possible with far-away members – like at Wonderland! – we are supporting each other and helping to strengthen each other’s ability to be the best-informed and capable parents of a multiple birth family. 

The Twins Plus Association of Brampton has arranged for this fun-filled DAY complete with discounted tickets for Admission and a buffet lunch in the Courtyard for all our ticket holders. Your buffet lunch will be served in the Courtyard from 1:30 - 2:30 pm. The Menu includes: Regular & Vegetarian Hot Dogs & Burgers, Fried Chicken (*changed from last year’s Grilled Chicken), Macaroni & Cheese, Tossed Salad, Cold Pasta Salad, Coleslaw and Hot & Cold Beverages. The invitation is extended to our sister chapters of Multiple Births Canada and all multiple birth families across Canada! Let's make this a HUGE event - discounted ticket prices can be extended to our friends and family as well so ask everybody you can think of!

To purchase your tickets, CLICK HERE.   You may also visit for more info or email Nina at

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Special Members Meeting

Special members meeting

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