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I volunteer with my local chapter because it makes me happy! When I was pregnant, there were very few people locally who had triplets, and it was difficult to find support with a local perspective. When I was on maternity leave, I was alone a lot, with three babies, all day long. We started the chapter in here to give the support we lacked during our pregnancies and were craving during our respective maternity leaves. What started as a few play dates and executive meetings has developed into a not for profit organization, mom nights out, chapter events and fantastic friendships! Our children will grow up knowing other multiples and most of my best friends are MoMs! What's happening here is more than just surface relationships, it's lifelong friendships! - Stefanie


I enjoy being an "older volunteer/ member" as I like to share my experience with the younger mom's of the chapter., not just about volunteering but about raising children, enjoying every minute of their lives. Never wish for them to talk, walk, go to school, drive, etc because these milestones come too quickly. In a blink of an eye they go from crawling to university. I really enjoy the friendship of the ladies in our chapter & all the fun events we do together; P.J. party & Annual Women's Retreat, highly recommend them for all chapters - Mary


I want to make it bigger and better so that more people know about it. I love the sisterhood of having multiples - and now that my children are 13 they feel the same way - Susan


Joining the chapter has been a very important part of my life. The families I've met are wonderful & I've made lifelong friends. I've had a lot of grief & hardship lately, and their support is indescribable. I volunteer because I feel supported and cared for by my local chapter members & I hope to give the same feelings back to them & others. - Sarah


I give because I believe that is my purpose. I have talents and gifts that allow me to help. I am busy, but really try not to complain about it, because it is all my choice. I choose to volunteer, to plan, to lead and to help. I try and make everything I give my time and money, a bit better because I was there. - Heather

Posted by Lori Oldfield on December 01, 2015

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