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Expecting two, three or more babies and wondering what you need to know now?

Multiple Births Canada is here to help!

Multiple Births Canada and its network of volunteers know and understand what you are feeling and the challenges you are facing. We have a large selection of resources that have been written by parents of multiples which are based on real experiences and successes, as well as a variety of support networks for unique situations. It is crucial that expectant parents plan ahead for the period after the birth of their babies. Multiple birth support organizations exist in almost every province in Canada. The best advice you will ever receive is to connect with other parents of multiples - they know what it is like and have many tips, shortcuts and ideas to share.

Click here for a list of various Prenatal Classes across Canada.

Twins: Cesarean no safer than vaginal delivery - Twin Birth Study, February 11, 2013

Details on Supplements;

Expecting multiples and want to learn how your family might become part of the movement for improved EI Benefits?  Click to learn more

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre offers Multiple Pregnancy Care.

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