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The following prenatal class information is provided for information purposes only.  MBC has no knowledge of the qualifications of the class instructors nor the content of the classes and has collected the information as a service to families expecting multiples.   If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your pregnancy, contact your own doctor for advice and feedback.


Babies in Belly
If you are expecting more than one, this course is for you! A certified teacher and mother of twins will guide you through such topics as "multiples pregnancy and birth", "strollers and other gear", and "bringing your newborns home". Delivered in the convenience of your own home or office, Babies in Belly includes many real life photos, videos, interactive games and other relevant resources to make your prenatal learning fun and practical. Please visit for more information. 

Multiples Pre-Natal DVD

Lynda P. Haddon, Multiple Birth Educator, has been teaching multiple-birth prenatal classes for nearly two decades as well as providing support for both parents and grandparents. Lynda is a Mother of twins (and a singleton) and a Past President of her local twin and triplet support group as well as Multiple Births Canada. She has spoken at Conferences and workshops across North America and is a regular media commentator on multiple-birth issues.


Durham Region
Durham Prenatal Services
Multiple Birth Prenatal Education Program
Pickering Early Years Center
1822 Whites Road, Unit 202
Pickering, ON
Contact Stephanie Ross-Alouche
905 428-1766

Series of 4 classes based on the CIMS (Coalition for Improving Maternity Services) Principles covering multiples nutrition, pregnancy discomforts, labour and choices in birth and what to expect when bringing home your babies.



Peas in a Pod: Classes for Multiples 
Presented by: Tummies To Toes
Classes offered in Waterloo, and Guelph,

These interactive classes are designed for parents expecting more than one baby.  It is a 10-hour class that prepares parents for birthing and caring for two or more little ones.
Topics include:

  • preparing for a multiple birth
  • preterm labour
  • birthing options
  • comfort measures in labour and delivery
  • postpartum adjustments
  • breast- and formula-feeding
  • basic baby care
  • community resources

A reunion class will be held after all the babies are born.  Partners and other support people are strongly encouraged to come to every class.  This is a hands-on course.  If you are on bed-rest, please contact me regarding a private class.

For more information contact Rebecca at: or call in Kitchener area 519.571.9743 or outside of Kitchener 1.888.336.3558

Toronto and Surrounding Areas & Hamilton

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (providing services at Women's College Hospital)

Antenatal Care of Multiple Pregnancies Centre (ANCOMP)
60 Gosvenor Street, 6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1B6
Telephone: (416) 323-6262
Call (416) 323-6030 for more information or
to book"Twins and More" prenatal classes
Twins and More Classes
Includes 4 evening classes, where couples learn about what's different about multiple pregnancy and birth. In a friendly learning environment parents will discuss preparing for the birth, getting help, resources and breastfeeding. The class will also have the opportunity to talk with parents of twins. Included, is a reunion class and the option of a hands on Babycare Workshop. 60 Grosvenor Street, 2nd Floor.

Mount Sinai Hospital Prenatal Education Program 
The Program offers their "Preparing for Multiples" series for parents expecting multiples, regardless of where they plan to deliver their babies.  The series is designed to meet the special needs of parents expecting multiples.  Topics include preparing for birth, comfort measures and pain management in labour, vaginal and C/S births, care of newborns, breastfeeding multiples and getting organized at home.  The last class includes guest parents of multiples.  To register, please go to and follow the link to online registration.  The cost of the program is $230.00 per couple and can be paid for online by Visa or MasterCard.  For more information, please email us at or call us at 416-586-4800 ext. 2307.

"Get It Together!" - Convenient In-Home Prenatal Classes for Families Expecting Twins, Triplets or More...
All classes facilitated by Vera C. Teschow, Hon. B.A., M.Ed. and M.O.T.
For more information or to register, please contact Vera at 416-992-8372 (leave a message), or visit  for a complete course outline and information on individual class topics.

  • Engaging, interactive classes taught by a public educator and mother of twins
  • Personal classes/consultation in the convenience of your home or via the Internet
  • Both partners are encouraged to attend together; grandparents also welcome! 

Halton Region - Healthiest Babies Possible for Multiples is a free prenatal education program for those with more then one baby. It includes a 5-class evening series during the week, or a 2-class weekend series on Saturdays. Classes cover a range of topics about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. The classes are led by a public health nurse.


Birthing More Babes!! 
by Erika Kafka, Bellies2Babies Doula Service
Group Classes every 3 months! Check our website for dates.
Finally!! A Prenatal class for those expecting twins or HOM (higher order multiples). Taught by an experienced MoM (Mother of Multiples), who is also a professional doula. She has travelled your journey and lived to tell the tale!
Topics include:

  • Description of the different multiple-birth pregnancies; how each type can affect pregnancy and the way you birth.
  • Special Momma Care required: nutrition, rest, and special self care.
  • Expert tips from a MoM who has been there (and survived).
  • Yes! You can breastfeed twins or HOM! This component will be co-facilitated by our own Lactation Consultant.
  • Great local community and online resources to help ease your transition.
  • Information to prepare siblings for the babies' arrival.

We understand the unique circumstances that may present in a multiple-birth pregnancy, so we are flexible...

  • We offer private, personalized prenatal courses (specific to your multiples) where we come to you.
  • We run a class every few months for 2-3 couples at a central London, ON location.
  • We can also come to you in hospital if you are on bedrest as well....

This class is tailored to allow mom and partner to feel as prepared as possible! Space is limited to 3 couples for group classes. Course is 8 hours spread over 2 days. (1 day private classes are possible)
Ideal for women and partners in their 2nd trimester, but open to all expectant parents of multiples.
Check us out at under Education. We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Prenatal Plus Pregnancy & Parenting Centre
130 Davis Drive #206
Newmarket, Ontario (905) 830-1709
This special 4 hour class is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other expectant multiple-birth parents. It will address the special challenges of multiples, and is meant to be taken in addition to the regular prenatal series. (see prenatal curriculum)  Topics: multiple-birth pregnancy and related challenges, preterm labour and birth, labour and delivery, birthing options and interventions, post-partum adjustments, feeding multiples and community resources.


Lynda P. Haddon, Multiple Birth Educator
Ottawa Twins Plus Prenatal Class
Call (613)267-6754 to register
***Saturday class on life-oriented skills of dealing with multiple babies: getting them on the same schedule; sleep deprivation and how to deal with it; preparing other children; Dad/Partner's role; breastfeeding; signs & symptoms of premature labour and so much more. No time for a class? Purchase Lynda's DVD - the first of its kind - Multiple Birth Prenatal Class on DVD - purchase at



A prenatal information session for parents expecting twins, triplets or more.  Classes offered throughout the year.
Call 519-962-5122 or Email:



Multiple Expectations Classes
The Saskatoon Parents of Twins and Triplets Organizations’s “Multiple Expectations” information sessions are held approximately 4 times a year, for parents expecting twins, triplets or more.  Sessions are scheduled based on the demand.
By phone:     306.384.4234
By email:


Prenatal Community Programs, Calgary Zone

Alberta Health Services
Twin and Triplet Childbirth Essentials is a six weeknight series that includes Breastfeeding and Baby Care Classes. 
If you are expecting twins, triplets or more, here is a labour preparation course designed for you.  When you register in this class you also receive free registration in the Twins, Triplets and More class. 

Twins, Triplets and More: Adjusting to Parenthood
Join a panel from the Calgary Twins, Triplets and More Club to talk about adjusting to life with more than one baby.  Helpful tips and community resources for parents of multiples will be highlighted.

Contact us at
Call (403) 781-1450 to register


Birthing from Within®
Mentor/Doula - Ellie Colver CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)
Offering 10% off to Multiple Birth families on Birthing from Within Classes and Doula Services
Birthing from Within Classes include:

  • Learning about the experience of labor from the mother’s perspective.
  • Practicing useful methods to cope with pain during labor.
  • Making Birth Art to help parents understand their expectations and assumptions about birth.
  • Discussion of a wide range of birth options, including medical procedures, in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
  • Special session for fathers/partners.
  • A celebration of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Phone: 403-524-1721 / 403-360-7878


Private prenatal and/or breastfeeding classes for multiple birth parents in BC Lower Mainland by Childbearing Society  604-878-1031,, or Multiples info is also included in general classes for those expecting twins or more. Several instructors have had twins. Doula service also available.

Marvelous Multiples: Prenatal Education Classes for Expectant Multiple Birth Parents & Breastfeeding Multiples Class @ BC Women’s.  No longer offered.

General prenatal & breastfeeding education classes (singleton pregnancy focus) are offered by certain hospitals, community health offices, colleges and private agencies throughout BC.

Expectant Mothers in hospital  and Partners Inquire about the availability of prenatal education at the bedside: For breastfeeding info @ BC Women’s: 604-875-2282 or


Nothing available in your area? Try an online class or DVD... offers convenient, online prenatal classes facillitated by a certified teacher and mother of twins.  Babies in Belly is offering a 20% for MBC members living in Eastern Canada.  Click here to register for Babies in Belly's multiples-specific prenatal course at a discounted rate.  You will need to enter the password:  "zygosity".  This offer is valid for MBC members from Eastern Canada only.

Prenatal Information....
*If you are a teacher of Prenatal Classes, Contact Today's Parent to receive complimentary copies of their Prenatal Kits for distribution to your clients
746 Warden Avenue, Unit 18
Scarborough, ON M1L 4A2
Telephone: (416) 752-6099
Fax: (416) 752-4137

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