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Growing up as a twin, triplet or higher order multiple can be a special, rewarding and unique journey – and there may be some interesting challenges along the way. The MBC Adult Multiples Network would love to hear about your experiences, favourite and not-so-favourite moments, stories, and thoughts about being multiples. This is a private network for multiple-birth individuals to connect, share their experiences and support each other. We hope you will join this network and share your knowledge and insights.

At Multiple Births Canada we know that for parents, siblings, family members and friends, it is an exciting and special experience to have multiples in the family. Sometimes they need to hear your feedback on how best to help multiple-birth children learn, grow and express their individual personalities. Through the network co-chairs, Multiple Births Canada would like to ask for your input now and then, to help us develop new educational resources and support for parents and multiple-birth individuals at all stages from pregnancy, the early years and childhood through adolescence and adulthood. These resources could also be shared with health care professionals, teachers and researchers to help support multiple-birth families. Your opinions and suggestions could potentially help MBC assist others in the wider community. You’re the experts, so your input matters a great deal!

If you know of other adult multiples—including your own co-multiple(s)—who might like to join MBC's Adult Multiples Network, please encourage them to join our Facebook group and join the conversations. The more the merrier!

Membership in the Adult Multiples Network includes:
• Private Facebook group for adult multiples to share stories, pictures, questions and advice. (link )
• Confidential e-mail connection with the Network Co-Chairs
• Quarterly newsletter article in Multiple Moments magazine

To join MBC’s Adult Multiples Network, please contact the Support Chairs by e-mail:


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