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The Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer+ (LGBTQ) Support Network is for LGBTQ identified parent(s) of multiple-birth children or LGBTQ multiple-birth children, teens or adults. The LGBTQ network offers support through one to one discussions, on-line forums and facilitates community connections. To join contact

The LGBTQ Support Network provides support with:

  • parenting issues
  • homophobic encounters
  • family issues
  • managing isolation, loss of LGBTQ friends who are not parents,
  • support with challenging hetero-normative practices and experiences
  • support with losing queer identity while pregnant
  • support for dads and papas
  • support with juggling two or more infants, tots or teens and the un-doing of gender roles
  • strategies for travelling and cross-border preparations

The LGBTQ Support Network is available for:

  • phone/skype and email support
  • referral service to other resources
  • expecting and new LGBTQ parents of multiples
  • help with social networking
  • representation and discussion of LGBTQ related issues/content in Multiple Moments
  • promoting and advocating the specific needs of LGBTQ parents of multiple-birth children
  • collecting and sharing literature specific to LGBTQ parents of multiples and other suggested readings

Support is available to LGBTQ children, teens and multiple-birth adults:

  • a safe place to explore thoughts, feelings and questions such as:
  • “my twin is gay, does that make me too?”
  • “my twin says he’s transgendered, what does that mean for me?”
  • “my parents prefer my straight sibling”
  • “Now that I’ve moved out of my parents house I’m ready to tell them I am queer  but I worry about losing my relationship with my twin.”
  • “my foster child who is a multiple, just came out to me, where do I find support  for her and her sister?”
  • “my child just told me she thinks she’s queer, what should I tell her twin?”

The LGBTQ+ support network also includes but is not limited to Two-spirited, Questioning, Pansexual, Queer and CIS-identified partners, and non-gender conforming folks. Your family construct with multiple-children is welcomed!

Contact Us

For a mailing address please email or call the Multiple Births Canada office.

Toll Free in Canada: 1-866-228-8824

Multiple Births Canada is a charitable organization (charity number 895390110 RR0001). Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by Canadian law.

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